Victorina Trigueros 


Vicky began riding when she was a child growing up on the island of Ibiza, where her love of horses filled her days and her dreams. A local horse farm/riding school called Can Mayans, located in the village of Santa Gertrudis, provided her first contact with the sport.



Competing at this venue, at the age of thirteen, she won the annual power trial with a height of 1.70 metres on her horse Lanzarote, an event she won for two consecutive years.

She later qualified as a monitor for the British Horse Society at the Talland School of Equitation in Glousestershire, England, where she studied for two years.


She then obtained a degree in Business Administration at the University of Barcelona, a task which necessitated a brief hiatus in her horse-riding activities. Upon graduation, she took up the sport again under the guidance of Toni Subirana at the Real Club de Polo in Barcelona, where she currently competes.

She recently decided, after becoming qualified in Apple’s video editing program, Final Cut, to undertake this exciting project: a website devoted to show jumping, accompanied by instructive videos and supplemented with international news and blogs from the world of equitation – all in the hope that these visual and didactic aids will be useful and enjoyable for armatures as well as professionals.

Toni Subirana


Toni Subirana is a well-known teacher of equestrian jumping, a gifted horseman with innate talent in his field.


His unique style and undeniable empathy create a relaxed atmosphere in which the horse feels very comfortable, allowing the full development of its potential with more successes and fewer errors.



In regard to his ability to mold good riders, he excels at pinpointing the exact moment and the exact way in which learners commit errors. This precision training, combined with his knack for simplifying concepts and laying down the basics, allows his pupils to progress rapidly in this complex and thrilling discipline.


His background and experience are wide and varied. At the age of eighteen, he was already riding in Barcelona’s CSIO and exhibiting his natural equestrian abilities. He worked in France with Xavier Leredde and in the UK with Peter Robeson – two-time Olympic medal-winner –, although, it was in the United States where he received his strongest influences, first under Julie Ulrich and later under Hillary Kuhne Ridland and Robert Ridland.



Despite the fact that, at present, he is quite centred in the teaching aspect of his career, he does not rule out the possibility of returning to top-level competition.