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Since 1894, Barbour has been an undeniable classic of British fashion. Wearable in both the city and the country they produce some of the most versatile jackets around. Although you can find a Barbour jacket that will work in almost any look, it’s still important to wear the jacket with as much pride as it was made with.

The family run business has been a popular supplier of jackets, knitwear and footwear for over 120 years, worn by the Duke of Edinburgh and The Queen herself, Barbour has been producing some of the finest outdoor clothing that continues to bring style and class to our outfits.

They’ve gone from being a jacket designed for the workman of 1894 to being a fashion statement all over the world. With over ten own stores in the UK and a presence in another 40 other countries, Barbour jackets and Barbour coats are loved by more than just those in the country.